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First Sabbatical Fellows to join us this 2023 Summer!

  04 Jul 2024
Julia Zeitlinger & Zev Gartner

Julia Zeitlinger, PhD., and Zev Gartner, PhD., will be the first Sabbatical Fellows to join the Barcelona Collaboratorium. There will be spending several months here and looking for opportunities to work together with the other Fellows at the Collaboratorium.

Julia Zeitlinger is a development and computational biologist and a Principal Investigator at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research (Missouri, US).

The Zeitlinger Lab focuses on how DNA sequence information in the genome controls gene regulation in Drosophila and mice to gain insight that can be applied to the human genome in development and disease. You can find more information about the Zeitlinger lab here

Zev Gartner, PhD., is a Principal Investigator and a Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF).

The Gartner Lab is working to understand how cells self-organize into tissues, how the structure of tissues helps regulate cell behavior, and how tissue structure breaks down in diseases like cancer. You can find more information about the Gartner lab here

These two Sabbatical Visitors join Tim Liebisch who started on 2nd May as a Visitor Fellow. Tim is a PhD student in the lab of Franziska Matthäus at Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS).