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The Collaboratorium ambition is to create a new field of research in Spain that will leverage on the current great opportunities in computational biology and modelling with the ultimate goal of predicting or even designing biological functions. For this, the Collaboratorium will provide a unique and nurturing structure for highly talented and young researchers with a computational focus, coming from any STEM field (e.g., biology, physics, engineering, mathematics...)


At key part of the Collaboratorium mission is the creation of an Independent Leader fellow programme with the aim to boost early career independence of STEM researchers with proven excellence in applied computational research.


What is the Collaboratorium Independent Leader Fellow Programme about?


We believe that providing young and talented researchers with the ideal collaborative and creative niche during the early steps of their career will results in a new generation of leaders more rapidly than traditional programs. Fellows are given the space, resources, training and mentoring needed to run their own research and pursue an independent research path. However, unlike traditional faculty positions, the Fellows will be part of a non-hierarchical structure with two mentor figures that will provide the appropriate guidance. Fellows are appointed for a three-to-five-year term. The programme is co-chaired by the Collaboratorium Strategy Board, led by Ben Lehner (CRG) and James Sharpe (EMBL).


Collaboratorium Independent Leader Fellow Programme description


The programme offers recent PhD graduates with an excellent track-record in research the opportunity to work as an independent research leader heading a small team of maximum 2-3 members to conduct research on computational and predictive biology in life sciences. In particular, in the areas of computational biology and artificial intelligence.

The Fellows will be provided with an independent research budget, access to state-of-the-art technologies and mentorship from senior fellows in the field. The position is appointed for an initial period of 3 years, which can be renewed for another 2 years. Independent Fellows are encouraged to seek for additional external funding. The Independent Fellows are expected to regularly attend the Collaboratorium seminars and give at least two talks a year.

The fellows will be able to interact with senior fellows from the CRG and EMBL as well as with Senior, Research and Visiting Fellows at the Collaboratorium.


How to apply?


For further information about the application process and selection criteria, click on the button below.